The Butcher's Arms

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 5pm till 8pm or later

Established 2005 - The UK's first Micropub

The Pub

The Butcher's Arms is the original Micropub and the birthplace of the Micropub revolution

Awards & Press

Martyn Hillier is an award winning pub campaigner.

Micropub Association

The Micropub and Microbrewery Association is a membership based organisation committed to promoting and celebrating all that is great with the concept of the micropub and microbrewery movement.

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The Pub

The Butcher's Arms is located in the small village of Herne in the beautiful county of Kent.

Real ale lovers can enjoy a pint and a chat, literally off the butcher's block. The beer is only as good as the banter, and you are sure to find plenty of lively and friendly chat from the loyal band of locals.

You can also buy to enjoy ale at home in whatever quantity you wish

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Awards & Press

Independent: A local pub for local people: 'Micropubs' are catching on
The Guardian: Anyone curious to find out how pubs used to be, however, will have a ball
Daily Mail: It's Britain's tiniest pub, but is a BIG success
Financial Times: 5000 Micropubs in 5 years...

Campaigner of the Year

Micropub Association

If you would like to find out more about the fast moving Micropub revolution join the Micropub Association.